Friday, November 12, 2010

The GHD Effect

Amongst the panic of still not having somewhere to live yet, I have been trying to find the time to get other things done whenever I have a small window of time, as the list grows;

Paris soundtrack for Ipod,
Research laptop to take,
Research digital camera options that will take my old lenses
Is the public transport running on Chistmas Day
Do I take the fur or the black coat or both
Will I find an apartment that suits my needs and my budget
Will someone meet me with the key on Christmas day or will they all be drinking hot red wine and sitting around a fire opening Christmas presents while I stand in the freezing cold, forgotten.
and the list goes on…

My GHD broke down around the same time ‘he’ moved out, made a funny buzzing sound and then nothing.  Fortunately I have a smaller one but it takes forever to straighten my hair.  I was going to throw it out and then decided to find out if it could be repaired, like I recently did with the CD player, which also broke down.  Doesn’t rain but it pours.

The service people wanted to know how old it was so I had to remember when I purchased it. 

Then a funny thing occurred to me, I bought it around the same time we met and it died the same time our relationship died.

The marvels of the detail when you are raw and re-evaluating.

Normally this would be just another glitch, annoyance, in the hum drum of every day to day life but this was significant, relevant. I had bought it the same month ‘he’ moved in.  It died when ‘we’ died.

The only difference is I can get a complete overhaul and a guarantee that it will be faithful to me for another six months all for $135.00 and it will be back in my hot little hands again in two weeks!


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