Tuesday, January 10, 2012

LBS - A Little Black Skirt

Street Art Paris

Tomorrow the sales start in Paris.

I did what any smart Parisienne shopper would do, I started looking around, trying on clothes in advance,  for the big day.  This way, once the prices are reduced, all I need do, is pluck the desired items from the racks, with no need to line up for dressing rooms.  Clever?

BHV the big department store,  located dangerously close to my apartment,  had colour coded spots on most of the clothing.

After asking what they represented,  I was told the different colours signify varying degrees of discounts.  To my surprise, it appeared the sales had started a day earlier at my local and I could feel a frenzy approaching!

Trying to cull what to to buy was difficult.  Finally I narrowed it down, did a rough calculation and beads of sweat started appearing on my forehead, I asked myself, can my credit card take this?

Lining up at the check out, a little too excited and armed with a mountain of clothes, I waited.

It was then,  the system was explained to me properly.  If I have a BHV loyalty card,  I am able to receive the discounts today.

The frenzy turned into disappointment, the huge smile dropped from my face and I had to decide whether to buy now or later.  Hoping all the items I had chosen would be there tomorrow,  when the sale starts for non BHV members, I left with only one item.

At least now,  I didn't have to make a major decision;  what new purchase I was going to wear for my dinner date tonight.  The decision was narrowed down to one little black skirt.

Auberge Nicolas Flamel

Last Sunday, when Jim introduced me to a journalist;  an intelligent,  tall, charming,  handsome man, I had no idea,  this would develop into a lovely dinner at a place I had been wanting to go to;  Auberge Nicolas Flamel.

A restaurant, located in what they claim, to be the oldest building in Paris,  I am still a little confused. For memory, there are three.  They all claim to be the oldest in Paris.

In a quaint building, steeped in history, with an attentive waiter, dining on scallops resting on a wonderful sauce, sipping on a fine Beaujolais, topped with interesting conversation,  did it matter that I was a day short of the sales?

I may not have picked up a bargain today but what I did have was a lovely night , feeling wonderful in my new pretty skirt,  in a restaurant, I was hoping to dine in, with great company.


At January 14, 2012 at 12:56 AM , Blogger Alice said...

Oh my god, with one of last sunday's journalists is "yours"? I remember there was three of them(or I cant count anymore, but that's likely), and only one were really tall. I hope it all goes great with the two of you!
I've decided to make a blog myself, check it out!

At January 15, 2012 at 4:28 AM , Blogger Paris Adele said...

Hey Alice - saw your blog it looks great already but of course I can't understand it! Good luck with the blog and which journalist .... yes the tall lovely one ...


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