Sunday, November 28, 2010

She Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins! - or - I Feel Good!

Most of the items on my list of things to do before I take off have been somewhat frustrating and time consuming.

However, buying my new toys have made a couple of these chores by far the easiest and greatest shopping experiences I have had in a long time –

Who said that money can’t buy you happiness?  Money combined with good service has made me feel better than I have since this tumultuous five and a half months unfolded.

Not only did I have fun with a fabulously well informed Apple salesman at David Jones, and an equally knowledgeable salesman at Ted’s Camera Store I also had a great experience with my internet provider (no it isn’t Telstra).   I mean come on, what is going on, three in one day.

Loaded up and ready to blog, my new MacBook Air is so sexy I have been totally seduced by it.  Design is king and attention to detail is sublime right down to the packaging.  This is how it should always be.

When I plugged in the cord and it magnetically snapped into place I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when Richard Gere snapped the jewellery box shut!

Am I really that shallow …

I feel great – I feel alive – it was not so long ago I didn’t want to live and now a very small slimline piece of hardware has woken up my world.

Who says that money doesn’t buy happiness and that possessions don’t mean much – oh was that me? 

Well I take it all back.


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