Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Last Sunday in Paris

Leaving Paris is always upsetting and never easy for me.

Feeling lost, walking along the left bank of the Seine, a tight knot was developing in my stomach, as the feeling of dread and melancholy swept over me.

Last night, in the company of a lovely Parisian, sipping Beaujolais in the courtyard of the Louvre, with a cellist playing in the background, the tears, started welling up in my eyes.  This was a familiar sign, there was no controlling the emotions, when it gets to this stage of my visit.

This is my last full day in Paris.

Even although it was -2 degrees, it was a beautiful bright sunny day and wanting to make good use of the light to take a few parting photos, passing by some favourite landmarks along the way, I headed for Pont Alexandre III, one of my favourite bridges.

As I walk, I wonder;  would've it been better to fly out in the afternoon, that way I would have another half day, but then I did have the whole Sunday.  There is no escaping it,  either way, it was almost time to leave.

Being Sunday, at least that meant, I could have dinner at Jim Hayne's,  and what better way to spend my last night in Paris

Jim's warm welcome, and familiar surroundings brought more regret that I was leaving.

I had to snap out of it and enjoy the moment.

Yet another wonderful dinner.  Tonight cassoulet seemed fitting,  a good hearty French meal.   His apartment jammed packed with people, as usual and his friends marvelling that they think I know Paris better than they.

Jim handing out, his famous After Eight dinner mints towards the end of the evening, was a signal the night had nearly come to an end.

I walked, as usual to the metro, with my mate JD., had a drink at the bistro near the metro, for old times sake and I was on my way.

Feeling the need to suck the life out of Paris and with two and a half hours before my favourite bar closed, I popped into to say a goodbye to my friend Bouba.

Saying goodbyes is the hardest.

Bouba, reassures me I will be back next year, he knows I won't be able to stay away and Jim has already ordered me to start saving my pennies for next year.

Hopefully it isn't goodbye but just ...  a bientot -


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