Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Bit of Retail Therapy

After spending half an hour on hold to British Airways yet again, with still no outcome, I decided to hit the internet to see if I could find some other way of tracking down my suitcase.  

Short of going to Charles de Gaulle and demanding to see what they had in storage, I came across the Crikey website, which motivated me to hit the shops.

Who needs an expensive camera, to show what I am looking at when I have the trusty iphone!

It seems no matter what the Parisians are selling, they know how to display it!  

From macarones 
To flowers

The BHV department store windows are adorable, complete with music if you can hear it above the crowds and the traffic.

Note the little girl trying to pull Santa's hat off

A very quick detour along the way to show you the side wall of a shop that once sold horse meat.

It is a wonderful mosaic, like a lot of the old shop fronts and is just stunning.

I just can’t help photographing it every time I see it!

It is in rue Vieille du Temple 75004

This cute little shop that sells all things for little people, is just a couple of doors down from my apartment, note the mini hot water bottles.  

By the time I walked past this evening, half of the items were sold!

Items for small children, macarones, flowers, or champagne were not bought.

I did however, finally, manage to buy a dress.   

Tomorrow night I will be attending the performance of  My Fair Lady at Theatre Chatelet.

Somehow I don't think that patent leather boots with running shoe soles, are going to work.

So I will need to find some shoes tomorrow.

A night in tonight and a pre-cooked meal from Monoprix was in order.

To the uninitiated that might sound unappealing but oh my goodness - what to choose.  I finally decided on chicken in a white wine and cream sauce with mushrooms and a 'side order' of potatoes that is sold in its own little terracotta ramekin, only in Paris.  

Was it good?  Oh hell yes.  Why would you bother ever cooking here when there is so much wonderful food.  

I am not sure if they have the sizing wrong here, or perhaps I have already gone up a dress size ... or two!

An early night is what I need to face another day shopping and a night I have been waiting for.  
a bientot!  


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