Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bonne Année– Happy New Year

New Years Eve in Paris is a big occasion.

A lot of Parisians spend it at home with a big feast, some gather in front of the Notre Dame, some pack the Champs-Élyséesothers, take a bottle of champagne and stand on one of the many bridges.

The shops close early and most are closed New Years Day, therefore everyone is out and about stocking up on festive food.

Food shopping in Paris is so damn sexy, the excitement and animation on everyone’s faces as they decide and chose what to buy is a wonderful experience and adds to the atmosphere.

Both Monoprix the local supermarket, and my local market were a buzz with people, on a food buying frenzy and it is difficult not to get caught up in it.

If you are a Libran like me, buying a bottle of champagne in the supermarket can take some time, there is so much to choose from. 

Finally, in honour of a good mate I decided on Louis Roederer.

When I enquired, they said they didn’t have any but I noticed a man, hauling a giant trolley, of champagne, from out the back and spotted a carton.  We located it, the carton was promptly opened and I was handed my box of champagne.

 When at my local market, I often find my self, just staring in front of the crisp, delicious looking suckling pigs turning around and wonder how many days it would take me to devour one on my own

Don’t ask me what Brigitte Bardot and suckling pigs have in common but a man who was waiting in line to purchase some, was attempting a joke.  Later he tried to explain to me but unfortunately, it was lost in translation.

Upon later research, I discovered she tried to stop 250,000 pigs being slaughtered in Egypt.  Still not sure what the joke would have been, maybe that it was an Egyptian pig!

Another day goes by without a pig but I did come home with a wonderful array of food wine and champagne, somehow I don’t think I will starve by the time the shops open up again.

The cheese stand was packed.

Oysters and all types of seafood were being sold by the kilos!

After deciding I couldn’t brave the crowds of the Champs-Élysées and the long journey home.  I spent, like thousands of other people, New Years in front of the Notre Dame, which in its own way is very significant to me.

Happy New Year!


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